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I lost my beautiful kind and talented daughter to stomach cancer at the age of 26 in October 2014.

I see so many posts from people who have lost parents and partners to cancer but nothing from bereaved parents.

You can fill in the blanks of his life that no one else can.

Certainly it would be better if the children's mother would get past her anger, (or whatever is going on for her) and reconnect with you too, but if not, you still need to maintain some kind of connection with the children, not only for your benefit, but for theirs too. Wendy, I'm so sorry for your loss of your young daughter and the illness of your friend who is fighting cancer.

I always encouraged the children to stay in touch with their mother and I never spoke badly about her.It is loss like no other and only a parent who has lost a child to death can really relate.Sally, I hope the day will come when your two grandchildren will reconnect with you.I lost my son on the 2nd January after he had been ill with Chronic Pancreatis for 20 months then three days before he died they said he had cancer of his pancrease, liver and bones.They said they had not seen such a aggressive form of cancer.

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