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(recalling) That's Hanratty, Hoskins, Bank, Boyle and Kahn... Catching the eyes of Bud Fox once again wandering to her. As the elevator stops again to disgorge two people. MOVING past DAN STEEPLES, a flush-faced old-timer, a blue and white Yale tie, with a carnation in his lapel. funny, the most beautiful girls in the world are always on the street or in elevators, never get to talk to them, shy ... he thinks he can break a contract with me he's got something to learn. He slips off his overcoat, flicks some lint off his Paul Stuart 0 suit, and enters the main trading room. I came here one day, I sat down, and look at me now. Bud reaches his trading desk, whips open his briefcase and pulls out a computer print-out of last night's homework. Bud moves past the functional reception area, past CAROLYN, a cheerful young black girl. BUD Great Carolyn, doing any better would be a sin...

we're still long on the treasuries -- 0 million. he'll sue me, could be for 5-6 million, and he'll get a million, the house, they'll impound my paychecks...damn, damn, why did I sign that contract? The elevator stops at a floor, discards only one person. gotta get Lola in the sack man, take her to the Garden for the Terrells, Jimmy give me the tickets for 12 bucks, I pull the midnight shift, I could do 60 bucks... His eyes on the same blonde exec who looks away, self- conscious about her legs. I have lost count of the number of wedding ceremonies I have attended that included a soulful rendition of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116, with its famous line: ‘Love is not love, which alters when it alteration finds.’ We all want to believe love is unconditional and our partner’s feelings will not change if we become ill, penniless or, indeed, overweight.However, while a parent’s love for a child can leap any hurdle, that’s not necessarily the case with romantic passion.

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    When we were 15, he talked me into messing around with him. So from then on I knew I was not gay, definitely not.

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