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Facebook is one of the leading social networks in the United States.The company started in 2004 with access to college students.There are eight members of the Facebook Board of Directors.These board members are the executive team responsible for the inner workings of and Facebook headquarters [ ].Which isn’t bad at all, it’s just how they run things.In this picture, it shows all the long guns for sale, the pistol cabinet is the direct left, just out of the picture.I can’t say that I was fully surprised, but more mildly shocked as I hadn’t heard a thing about them since the sexual assault incident, about the rebranding.

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Instagram appears to be the only company Facebook left alone and whole after the acquisition.When I say this, I mean the only thing even left of their former status in the shop, is in the form of former RJF merchandise that was left over and is being sold now (I assume).The biggest change is the name, which has been changed to Meaux Guns & Ammo.The original Facebook headquarters was located in Palo Alto, California.When that office no longer provided the space and resources Facebook headquarters needed, the company moved to Menlo Park, California – the home of the current Facebook headquarters [ ].

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